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Mommy’s Favorite Things – I Love About Being A Mom

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Mommy’s Favorite Things

Mommy’s favorite thing is today. I wanted to celebrate all the mothers in the world by sharing these ten things I love about being a Mom. There are many moments when we can feel that we are not the best Mama. The comparison catches us with just one visit through social networks. And I think the journey as a mom is great loneliness. So many of us prefer to fight alone with our problems for fear of appearing weak.

The 10 Idea Mommy’s Favorite Things I like the Most About my Mom

Every day I honors my mom’s life; I know she knows it. However, today is Mother’s Day in Mexico (in Australia, it was Sunday), and being so far away, this date takes on a new meaning for me, and it seems necessary to honor it in a more specific way; For this reason, I have decided to share with you the ten things that I like and treasure about my mother.

Your Sense of Humor: I am fascinated by my mother’s ability to laugh at life no matter how badly she is going through it. She also has a unique talent for making “shitty” comments in any circumstance because she knows how to laugh at situations without making fun of them or people.

Your Desire to Learn: When they ask me what my mother does, I always answer that she studies. And it’s true. My mom is looking for something all the time. When she wasn’t in high school, she was in college with a diploma or a course. With telling them that she is 55 years old and she is still looking for what master’s degree she should study. This feature has been inspiring because it remedies me that we ​​can always find something to learn.

How Social he is: When I was a child, it shocked me to go out with my mother because she spent her time greeting and talking to everyone. It fascinates me because it allows men to see her incredible capacity to love and give herself to be loved.

His Dignity: I have seen my mom in situations where people try to disrespect her or provoke her to make her angry, and I have never seen her lose her composure or let herself be put down by her. I have also seen her in situations where she has power, and I have only seen her use it for the benefit of others. I greatly admire the quality of my mother because, with her example, I understood that having dignity is not only knowing how to give oneself respect but also knowing how to respect others.

The Way he Knows how to Read People:  My mom knows if I’m sad, happy, angry, distressed, drunk (Jiji), tired, funny, etc., just by looking at me. And she can do the same with my brother, my dad, and my grandmother… and I love this because thanks to that ability, my mom always gives us what we need.

Mommy’s Favorite Things the Relationship I Have with My Friends

Mommy's Favorite Things the Relationship I Have with My Friends

I am a FAN of my mom having a “belly button pick” with my friends and that they look for my mom to tell them about her or talk to. Now that I’m not in Mexico, I love receiving photos of when my friends and my mom see each other because she makes me feel a little closer to everyone.

His Way of Cuddling:

I have no impression of how she does it, but my mom always knows how to hug me, kiss me and pamper me according to the situation I’m going through. I swear that her hugs when I’m sad differ from when I’m happy or distressed. But, of course, they are always a caress to my soul, whatever the situation.

It gives me perspective on the circumstances: My mom only agrees with me when she thinks I am right. Otherwise, she points out where my “mistake” is so that she can see things from another place. This often made me angry with her, but now I thank her because she has made me empathic with others and critical (positively) with myself.

Our complicity: I feel the luckiest person in the world to have my most excellent accomplice: my mother. In my mom, I have found a friend, my confidant, my adviser, and my fan; but I also feel like she sees those things in me. And even though we have found all of that in each other, we have never forgotten that before anything else, we are mother and son.

The faith you have in our family: Of everything given me in life, my mom, my dad, and my comrade are the best gifts. I am infinitely grateful because my mother has always supported us, even in the most challenging moments. She has always been the thread that connects our hearts, and the fact that she is the axis of our union gives me peace of mind because I know that her faith in the family that we are is so great that it will never be broken.

7 Types of Mommy’s Favorite Things Friends that Every Mom Wants

1. The Friend who Favors being in the Kitchen

We always know someone who enjoys existence in the kitchen all the time. She is usually the oldest of the group, but they are familiar at all ages as long as they are mas. Many moms like to prepare food for everybody. These are the ones who invite us to dinner or lunch, and perhaps they will bring us some food to the door of the house.

2. A Friend with Manifold Options

In general, every woman’s bag has many options, especially that of mothers. However, some are all terrain in these cases. Therefore, having a friend who carries a whole children’s kit, games, medicines, clothes and incredible options is good. The best thing about distribution with such a versatile friend is that she always has room for one more.

3. The Mother who does not hurt by Disgust

Some everyday situations with broods can be a bit disgusting. Even if they are our children, we have difficulty handling cases of overflowing diapers or vomiting. However, some women face any situation. Every mom wishes she had that one friend who could deal with lice and anything gross with no problem.

4. Favorite Experienced Friends

Having an older friend whose children have already left the nest is very comforting. Sometimes we get overwhelmed by ​​spending a lot of time on a difficult task. However, when we see those mothers who have already had the joy of reaching another level of motherhood, everything changes.

5. Mother and Unconditional Friend

It never hurts to have an acquaintance who listens to you and helps you unconditionally. Sometimes some people are impressed and run away when we need them most. However, there are also loyal friends in any circumstance. Having a friend who does not judge you and is always willing to give you a hand.

6. A Friend who Relaxes you

One of the most vital tasks of motherhood is being able to forget about our children for a few seconds. In most cases, mothers remain aware of the little ones without having time for themselves. However, some friends can relax you and give you moments of peace.

7. Last but not Least of the favourite Friends, the Mother to the Work

Some women know where to find everything we’re looking for and how to fix what’s broken. This type of mother can get you out of trouble because sometimes at night we remember the homework and we have nothing. A friend like this will tell us where to look, or she’ll probably have it at her house. The value of this friend is priceless because she can fix what she does not serve on her own.

Simple Mommy’s Favorite Things for Day that you can do as a Mom

It’s your day! Don’t forget to pamper yourself and unwind with some of these easy Mother’s Day things you can do at home:

  • Give yourself a bubble bath.
  • Watch your favourite movie with a box of chocolates or ice cream, or order takeout from your favorite restaurant.
  • Enjoy a few minutes for yourself and lose yourself in a good read.
  • Listen to your favourite songs instead of nursery rhymes or children’s stories.
  • Book a yoga class online and relax for an hour.
  • Buy new clothes or whim you have had in mind for a long time.


When looking for the best gift for mom, ideas fall short: flowers, cards, gifts, food, and thousands of other things come to mind without thinking that the most important thing is what she wants. That is why, thinking of surprising her this year, from Seguro Bolívar, we share ten creative ideas and an online detail to celebrate Mother’s Day without falling into the typical. Instead, she always remembered what would make her mom happy the most.

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