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Am rap Mentality

There are different types of training when we are training, am rap mentality intending to gain muscle mass. We must consider all the training variables to move forward and achieve our goals. AMRAP is a modality that focuses on a series of repetitions of physical exercises with high resistance and aims to improve physical condition. It is widely used to enhance our strengths and more easily achievable goals. This article will tell you everything you need to know about AMRAP and how to use it to your advantage.

What is Am rap?

The AMRAP is a training mode that falls within HIIT, that is, exercises with high-intensity intervals. The main difference with CrossFit is that in AMRAP exercises, the goal is to do as many recurrences as possible in a given time. For this, the important thing is to choose, before starting, some specific AMRAP exercises (look for those that focus on the part of the body you most want to train that day) that you will repeat throughout the sports activity that day. It is recommended for people who have good resistance and want to complete their training quickly.

Main Benefits of Am rap Mentality Exercises

Main Benefits of Am rap Mentality Exercises

Great fat loss. Like any high-intensity exercise, AMRAP is recommended for targeting body fat. Reason? Because it takes the body a great effort to assume it, your muscles will have to resort to the energy that fat gives.

Increases cardiovascular and muscular endurance: And it does it simultaneously. In most exercises, these are exercised separately. However, the AMRAP style allows you to combine activities that help improve resistance.

Little time for good results: The stress of life of many people means there is not always the time necessary to train. This modality will benefit you if you are one of those athletes who cannot spend an hour a day on their training.

Quick notes progress: Remember that these AMRAP exercises are complex and require a lot of effort. And that will make you notice the progress, as long as you train daily or almost. To know if you can handle more, gradually add one rounder than in the previous days. If you get it, you are improving your abilities. Feeling how you are improving helps you increase your motivation and self-esteem.

Mental resistance: These exercises are done with pressure. They are solid and rigid and will put your body to the limit. And, if you succeed, thanks to the fact that your mind is going to tell you not to give up, your emotional strength will benefit.

Train-Weight of Am rap Mentality

AMRAP example: exercise routine

Now that you have distinguished what AMRAP is and its benefits, we will give you an example of AMRAP exercises. It is a routine of about 10 minutes. You can repeat it twice or even more if you have more time.

  • Squats (10 repetitions)
  • Skipping rope (20 repetitions)
  • Burpees, that is, going from a squat to a plank and, from there, a standing jump (5 repetitions)
  • Pushes (10 repetitions)

You can do these AMRAP exercises as often as you want your workout to last.

Tips to Make your Am rap Mentality Training Effective

It recommends that, in each exercise, you look at a clock to see the time you are taking and thus be able to see over time if the progress you are looking for occurs. This training should be a minimum of 10 minutes, and it recommends that the maximum be 40, although you are the one to listen to your body and take into account your strength and endurance.

Experts warn that it is counterproductive that in the first round, the athlete can do it very fast and full of energy and that in the second, he goes very slowly or even stops between exercises. You have to see his ability and train accordingly. It is essential to maintain continuity in the rhythm that is being carried out.

There are no breaks between exercises, so it is recommended to be about 20 minutes on average. If you want to take breath breaks, they should be about 10 seconds between rounds. Sports accessories can be used or taken advantage of by the body’s weight. To notice progress each day, you should increase the number of repetitions of each exercise and, over time, the number of times you repeat the entire circuit.

How Long are Am rap Mentality Workouts?

In general, due to the characteristics of this type of activity, the duration of the AMRAP training is usually around 20 minutes. This is so because the intensity required to perform these exercises is very high, so it is preferable to shorten the time of this practice to avoid injuries or the effects of overtraining.

Am rap at Home

If you want to burn calories effectively, in addition to gaining muscle mass and defining your abdomen, a suitable AMRAP at home can help you achieve it. This is one of the most significant valuable sets you can do to reach your goals. To do this, you will not need any tools or gym machines:

  • Repetition 1: Perform jumping strides (10).
  • Repetition 2: Squats (15).
  • Repetition 3: Push-ups (10).
  • Repetition 4: Jumping Jacks (30).

Performing these four repetitions is equivalent to one round. The key is doing as many rounds as possible in a maximum of 20 minutes.

Exercises of Am rap Mentality

Exercises of Am rap Mentality

One of the best WOD — workout of the day —, or workouts of the day, that you can do both to lose weight and gain muscle mass at home or in a gym is the following. To do this, you will only need a dumbbell or Russian-style weights:

  • Repetition 1: Jump, bring your hands together, squat down, and extend your arms.
  • Repetition 2: Lower yourself to the ground without bending your back until the dumbbell touches the floor in front of your legs. Then lift her with your arms outstretched. This exercise should be done primarily with one arm and then with the other.
  • Repetition 3: Do sit-ups with your legs crossed by bringing the palms of both feet together.
  • Repetition 4: Same as the exercise of repetition 2.

As in the previous case, the sum of the four repetitions equals one round. So, perform as many as your body can hold in a maximum of 20 minutes.

What does Am rap Mean?

It is nothing new that Cross fit uses many terms in English, and this is no exception. As we told you in our post, What is CrossFit, what is it for, and who is intended for? (which we recommend if you are thinking of starting with this motivating discipline), AMRAP means:

As many Repetitions as Possible” or “As many Repetitions as Possible”.

This means that you will have a stipulated time to perform this WOD, and you will have to do as many recurrences or rounds of the marked exercises as possible. Therefore, you should know how long the WOD will last and what activities you are facing. For example, an AMRAP does not usually last more than 20 minutes; you will often find an AMRAP of only 7 minutes. Although, as explained, it seems an easy task, push-ups, pull-ups, pull-ups, and burpees (the ones you’re more afraid of than carbs, but for very different reasons) are just some of the exercises you can find in an AMRAP.

The Objective of Training Am rap Mentality

This training aims to make you last from start to finish without reducing your performance. And the key to achieving this is to learn to dose, which seems obvious and easy, but it is not. It won’t do you slightly good to start the work at maximum power if halfway through the work you can’t get your soul into it and you don’t manage to finish it or do it with a much lower performance. In the AMRAP, the mind plays a crucial role. So it would help if you continuously kept in mind the exercises that are part of the WOD to dose your speed. Think about which exercises you are better at, which ones need more effort, which ones you can let your arms or legs rest, and which ones you can do faster.


You have probably already heard of AMRAP on many occasions, especially if you are an athlete and even more so if you have dared to try cross-fitness. What is the meaning of AMRAP? The purpose of this word comes from the acronym “ As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible ”, that is, as many repetitions as possible. Many people set the time at 20 minutes almost non-stop. But that depends a lot on the physical form of each one and the objectives that pursue. The common thing is to increase the time with the days.

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