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Fitness Mistakes – Warm, Gym, Training, Heavy, Cardio, and More

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Fitness Mistakes

If you are in the fitness mistakes process of definition in the gym, you should know that dumbbells can be your great ally. The press will allow you, for example, to gain volume and tone your chest as long as they are used correctly. Now, this nuance is essential. Any carelessness can cause other muscles -in parallel- to be called upon to help the body with movement, which means, as the specialized website Men’s Heath has published, that you work with your arms more than with the area you want to grow. (in this case, the chest).

The Most Common Fitness Mistakes with the Bench Press

The first thing to consider is the trajectory: many gymnasts, in their definition process, opt for a broad arm trajectory in this benefit exercise and move the dumbbells up and down, thus allowing themselves to take more weight. Unfortunately, this is because you are not using your chest but your arm, which will carry the risk of injury.

“To maximize chest activation, you want to position your arms in line with the same direction that your chest fibers are moving,” says Either. “You’re going to want to get your elbows at a 45-60 degree angle to your body to allow for a slight inward grip with your elbows… The dumbbells won’t be moving up and down in a straight line but forward on the way down and back on the climb”, reveals the fitness specialist.

Wearing Inappropriate Clothing

In the first place, we are going to stop at a widespread mistake, which is about clothing. When it comes to training, many people use an old cotton shirt that they have at home, like those old-fashioned pants, and we always leave them for the gym.

Let’s start from the basis that inadequate clothing reduces the effectiveness and endurance of the activity. That is why it is essential to use technical fabrics that facilitate perspiration and prevent moisture accumulation. In this way, we will avoid being wet from sweat, and we will achieve better yields.

The Use of Inappropriate Footwear

Another mistake we usually make is the footwear we wear. That any sports shoe works are not valid. It is essential that before acquiring a pair of shoes, we know what type of tread we have. For this, multiple tests are carried out in the same sports stores.

Forgetting the Warm-up, a More than Usual Mistake

Forgetting the Warm-up, a More than Usual Mistake

Third, we are going to focus on another error. Warming up is essential when exercising, and very few people do it. Warming up before getting down to work will help us activate the blood supply in part to be worked on and thus leave the muscles, joints and tendons ready to start supporting the loads we will use to develop the activity.

It is warming up takes a few minutes before starting your training routine. After that, it will be based on exercises to activate the muscle group to work. We will combine gentle stretching with very controlled movements that put us to work and prevent us from hurting ourselves when doing the activity.

Spending More Hours Training is not a Guarantee of Better Results for Fitness Mistakes

As a fourth error, we want to stop at the training times. Indeed we have met people who spend three hours or more training. In addition, they assure us that it is much better and that the results will be more significant and faster. Nothing is further from reality. Stretching correctly and respecting training times is essential, something that many of us do not do and that we must take into account

When it comes to training, quality should always prevail over quantity. In addition, our muscles have a limit, and we must follow a few steps with them. Therefore, constancy and patience must be our maxim. For this reason, it is essential to perform well-developed exercises and not stay for hours exhausting the muscles and taking them to such a level of stress that we will risk injuring ourselves.

Opt for the Simplest and do not Vary the Training Techniques of Fitness Mistakes

We will highlight an error somewhat linked to the previous one in eighth place. In this case, custom makes us always opt for the simplest, so we always use machines when training different body parts. Always using the same type of machines is not the best option. Not changing routines and always opting for the most straightforward exercises and techniques is a more common mistake than we think

It is essential that when it comes to working on our body, we know that countless alternatives within our reach will allow us to do a more prosperous job. For this aim, it is essential that we work in different ways and that we do not pigeonhole ourselves into only one form of muscular work to continue progressing.

Most Common Beginner Fitness Mistakes in the Gym

Throughout the year, we have planned our training routine, and we fulfil it perfectly. But the moment of definition arrives, we do not achieve the expected results. The reason? Not taking into account the most common mistakes when we define in the gym. Errors that seem logical but that not everyone takes into account. There are three most common mistakes when we explain in the gym. If you manage to correct them, you will be able to have a defined and spectacular body as you had planned. Obviously, for this, you must know these three most common mistakes when we explain in the gym

Fitness Mistakes When we Define in the Gym not Training Heavy

Fitness Mistakes When we Define in the Gym not Training Heavy

The first of the most common mistakes when we define in the gym is not to train heavy. An error that is to blame for the fact that a truth that is not true has been universalized: to define, it is best to do many repetitions with little weight. A massive error that costs many hours of wasted training for many people.

Yes, we must reduce the weight with which we work, because to define we also reduce the number of hydrates and energy levels are lower than usual. So that is the logic to apply to this situation: less power, less weight. But we should not lose weight because we want to define ourselves.

Fitness Mistakes When we Define in the Gym Doing a Lot of Cardio

The second of the most common mistakes when we define the gym is to do a lot of cardio. And again, at the base of the error, there are popular beliefs that, despite being wrong, have become universal. Although, in this case, it makes sense.

To lose weight, the two basic premises are simple: diet and cardiovascular exercise. It goes without proverb that you have to stick to your weight training routine in addition to cardio. Well, it seems that it is necessary. There are not a few people who, when the definition stage arrives, park the weights and dedicate themselves to cardio completely. Doing only cardio, weight loss is a given. The problem is that the muscle will not be defined because it will gradually be lost. And he won’t do it for the massive cardio practice but parking the weight training routine. And weight training is the complement of cardio when it comes to defining. Hence we have to practice both ways at the same time.


Every day we see countless mistakes and failures in the gym. It that almost all of us tend to make without realizing it. In this post, we want to stop at some of those failures. First, we will dwell on the ten most common daily mistakes in training sessions.

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