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Fitness Subscription Boxes – Characteristics, Advantages, and More

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Fitness Subscription Boxes

We are talking about fitness subscription boxes. But what exactly are subscription boxes? Simply put, they are a recurring delivery of niche-oriented products. They are often packaged as an experience and offer additional value on top of the actual products in the box. That could be a surprise item, extra savings, or the opportunity to experiment with new products.

Subscription boxes have been adopted across various industries, so there’s a good chance you’re already offering something you can sell as a subscription or quickly start. Check out some of our ideas to find a subscription box to harmonize with your store.

What is a Subscription Box?

A subscription box or subscription box is a recurring physical delivery of niche-oriented products packaged in a box designed to create an EXPERIENCE and offer additional value on top of the base products. Subscription boxes are a general method of trying out new products without leaving your home’s comfort. When you join a subscription box company, you’ll enjoy a box of specific themed products delivered to your door regularly for an immovable cost. While every subscription box company is a little different, they all aim to suggestion their customers new, high-quality foodstuffs that suit their tastes.

Characteristics of a Fitness Subscription Boxes

Characteristics of a Fitness Subscription Boxes

A subscription box is a recurring membership of any amount or frequency so that the package is delivered to subscribers. Additionally, a subscription box must include value propositions so that the satisfaction obtained by the subscriber is not only associated with the products. Basis, but to the combination of products, experiences, and unique value propositions that make that box different from other consumer goods.

The Best-known Subscription Boxes on the Market

Degust Box

The subscription box focused on the food world, aimed at those who love to try new products as soon as they are released. For 14.99 euros per month, you receive at home 10-15 of the most innovative products of the moment.

Birch Box

Lovers best know it for beauty products due to the quality and importance of the brands with which it works: L’Oréal, Bourjos, Benefit or Lancôme. For 10.95 a month, you receive a box with mini-format products for your ‘beauty’ ritual. Then, if one convinces you, you can buy it in standard format on its website.


Lovers of reading once a month can receive a surprise book with this subscription of 21.95 euros. It includes a reading guide and a postcard or sheet, among other accessories. They are literary novelties and books that are not yet on the market.

Diet Box

It also focuses on food differently since it promotes all those so-called’ healthy’ products. Healthy is fashionable, and that is why it is so successful. For 15.99 per month, a selection of 5 to 10 of the healthiest products.

Gym Fit Box

For sports lovers, this is one of the most expensive subscription boxes: for 29 euros per month, you receive different products related to sports nutrition, fitness-oriented magazines, and additional information on how to take the included products.

Features of Fitness Subscription Boxes

Spartan Cardboard

Spartan cartons design for the powerlifter. There are always three nibbles, three supplements, and some workout gear in every box. So, this subscription box company create for you whether you want to gain muscle or maintain your weightlifting workout routine.

The boxes are obtainable in two sizes: the Citizen box is $25 a month, and the Warrior box is $99 a month. Packages include workout incentives, new fitness ideas, and high-protein snacks, gear, or workout gear. The contents of the Warrior box incline to be of higher quality and worth than those in the Citizen box.

Pretty Fit

Pretty Fit tailors its nutritional products for a variety of different goals. Whether you want to lose fat, gain strength or muscle, or maybe look younger or have more energy, each of the Pretty Fit ranges or ‘stacks’ specifically gear towards your goal. You can order products as one, or to see some excellent savings, you can sign up for a monthly plan, delivered straight to your door with no hassle. All purchases come with a 30-day money-back assurance, and all proceeds go to the Vitamin Angels charity.

What should Fitness Subscription Boxes Contain?

A subscription box can contain the following six elements:

1. Basic Products:

Refers to various carefully selected products for a specific niche or category. They can be products chosen by the provider company, or the reader can limit their rendering to their favourites at the time of subscribing.

For example, if it is a cocktail subscription box, the reader can clarify that they only poverty to receive light beers and not dark cocktails since they are not to their taste, and in this way, the business will only include light beers each month.

2. Element of Surprise:

It is recommended that the business include a mystery item in the box for the subscriber since the surprise generates tremendous enthusiasm and satisfaction.

Continuing with the beer payment box example, the company can include an exclusive brand jar, which will be enjoyable for subscribers and further strengthen their loyalty to the brand.

3. Discovery:

Unlike surprise, discovery emphasizes subscribers learning a product or information they didn’t know about the company or products.

For example, the preparation company may add a new malt flavor or a manual with the best recommendations for drinking beer.

4. Discounts:

Initially, the box must present savings compared to buying the products separately. In addition, it is advisable to complement your package with discounts on other products and thus achieve cross-selling.

For example, if the company also has an online store, you can add a discount code exclusively for subscribers if they want to buy additional products.

5. Good Packaging:

The subscription box or packaging is critical to the overall subscription experience. Many businesses use personalized boxes, different materials or scents, flowers, and stickers. Learn about the 12 characteristics of having a good packing design.

Advantages of Fitness Subscription Boxes

Advantages of Fitness Subscription Boxes

We have already seen that experience and convenience are some of the advantages of buying a subscription box from the subscriber’s perspective, but what is the benefit if you are the one who offers the subscription box?

Launching these initiatives can generate predictable income and expand your subscriber base in the long run. It is proven that it is 6 to 7 times more expensive to attract a new customer than to retain one who has already bought from you.

Why make a Subscription Box?

The subscription box industry is becoming more and more popular. People love it because, unlike other consumer products we use to receiving in the mail. It subscription boxes offer an exciting experience where checking the mail becomes fun.

Not only are niche companies participating in this market, but any retail company is also joining this business model.

Start Selling Subscription Boxes

With this data and visions at your disposal, now is the time to consider how to capitalize on the subscription box perfect to increase your sales in the coming year. This could mean partnering with other retailers or launching new products. A think about what makes the most sense to your target audience.

When you prepare to set up a subscription box-connect store, consider Equid for your eCommerce needs. You can set the billing cycle as daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly or annually. With Equid, you can sell subscription-based products and one-time purchases that provide more options for your customers. Additionally, you can collect recurring donations to allow loyal customers to support your business.


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