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Harbor Fitness

Harbor Fitness is Brooklyn’s premiere, confidentially owned, and functioned health club chain boasting seven locations across the area. Over the years, our memberships benefit from generations of interior design and gear improvements.  Each club is unique in layout and offerings, but one thing you find at each location is legendary customer service. Our community is fantastic, caring, and dedicated to greatness. Anyone who has been an associate of Harbor Fitness can tell you that it is more than just a gym; it is existence; it is a healthy obsession.

Learn More About Harbor Fitness Classes

Fitness gyms in Palm Harbor, FL, are continuously looking for new and thrilling ways to help people improve their health through exercise and strenuous effort. In recent years, many customers have been turning to Les Mills classes, which have proven revolutionary for thousands of fitness club members.

Many questions are asked about the various Les Mills classes available, so we thought it’d be good to emphasis some. So, today, we successfully take a bit of a “deep dive” into the Les Mills Body Pump classes by amplification what they are, how they function, and the benefits of your workouts.

What is Harbor Fitness?

What is Harbor Fitness?

Harbor Fitness is Les Mills Body Pump is a one-hour workout program that uses a barbell differently than most people are accustomed to. Instead of focusing on weighty weights, the session utilizes light weights and many reps. By the end of a single meeting, which features several different workout tracks, a person will have done approximately 800 total reps. Music heavily influences the program, with faster beats implemented as you become more advanced.

The Full Body Pump Workout Routine of Harbor Fitness

The Les Mills Body Pump workout involves various stages, always done in the same order. Here is a short failure of each step:

Warm Up: You start with a simple warm-up exercise to prepare your body for the routine.

Squat Track: This involves the heaviest best weight for the session, and the weight will build up more quickly than you probably think.

Chest Track: Up to half the weight will be dropped, and you’ll use the bar and a step bench.

BackTrack: Depending on your skill level, you’ll either use the bar alone or the bar and a weight plate.

Triceps Track: This may involve either dip or triceps push-ups, and you’ll use the bar or a plate.

Bicep Track: If your blood isn’t pumping enough, five minutes of bicep curls will do the trick.

Lunge Track: Many people use only their body weight and then move up from there.

Shoulder Track: Since this involves small muscles, most people start at a low weight and then move up gradually.

Core Track: With this final set, you’ll use the bench and plates to work on your body.

Cool Down: After such an incredible workout, you’ve earned a refreshing cool-down period.

The Benefit of the Body Pump Workout of Harbor Fitness

The benefit of the Body Pump Workout of Harbor Fitness

The Les Mills Body Pump harbour fitness classes are an unbelievable package that will offer a different kind of test than you may have previously experienced. Concentrating on low masses and multiple reps won’t take long before you start seeing actual results. Here are the primary benefits that you’ll obtain from these particular classes

Burn Calories: By the end of a session, you’ll burn up to 590 calories. Depending on your average activity level, you’ll shed between one-fourth and one-third of your recommended caloric intake in a single hour.

Increase Strength: As we’ve already said, muscle strength is a massive benefit of this program. Those looking to become stronger without bulking up will love the focus of repeat reps with low weight.

Stronger Core: Having a strong core helps keep your interior organs protected in the event of an accident or external injury. These classes also reinforce your core muscles and will smooth improve your posture.

Improve Flexibility: Tight muscles can cause back pain, a loss of range of motion, and other issues. But, thanks to repeated use of your muscles, they’ll loosen up and become more flexible.

Better Body Definition: Everyone wants to have a better general body definition, and this is a great way to make that happen. It continues to focus on manifold muscles that will allow you to tone while strengthening yourself.

Contact Fitness 360 for an Incredible Body Pump Workout at Harbor Fitness

At our Palm Harbor fitness Centre, Fitness 360 offers a wide variety of Les Mills classes to its workout community. To learn more about slightly of our courses or to ask about our training sessions, stretch us a call at (727) 797-5100 nowadays to schedule a no-cost discussion. So please become a member today and enjoy perks like 24/7 access to our gym and clean workout equipment.


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