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Skater Girl Outfits

Skater girl outfits of boarding, and in turn, the skater style, emerged in the 1950s. Where? In the United States, specifically on the coast of California because surfers wanted to activate their bodies on land when the waves were notoriously low. This is how “sidewalk surfing” was born, a sport that soon became one of the freshest and most attractive in the world. The young people of that time sought, through their clothing and, obviously, their skateboards, to impose a lifestyle manifesto that helped them establish themselves as an entire urban tribe with their own culture, behaviors, and anthropology.

How to be a Skater Boarder?

To be a skateboarder, you must learn to skate first! You must also dress like a skater. Dressing like a skater mainly ensures you wear comfortable and safe clothing rather than looking a certain way. And having the attitude of a skater essential means making new friends and doing what you love.

Act Like a Skater Girl Outfits

Act Like a Skater Girl Outfits

Visit skate parks. There are many skate parks in the world, with different types of obstacles and ramps. Hang out in them if you desire to act like a skateboarder! You can practice your skateboarding technique and watch people with more experience skateboarding. This is an excellent way to learn.

Make friends who are skateboarders: While you’re at the skate park, strike up a conversation with other skaters. Tell them you just started and hope to get some advice. It’s an excellent way to improve your skateboarding skills and make friends.

Follow professional skateboarders: When you’re at the skate park or hanging out with your skater friends, the topic of professional skateboarders is bound to come up. Follow pro skateboarders so you can add to the conversation, but also so you can learn new tricks. Watching the X-Games is a great way to start following professional skateboarders.

Defend yourself from critics: Some skaters might be intimidated by new skaters and criticize you for not knowing how to skate. In that situation, it’s best to remember that every skater hasn’t skated at some point and directly confront them about what they’ve said.

Dress up Like a Skater Girl Outfits

Wear relaxed and comfortable clothing: Skateboarding is a type of exercise, so chances are you’ll get overheated. Wearing a dress that keeps you cool will help keep you comfortable while skating. Most skaters wear jeans and cotton t-shirts. You could also add a long-sleeved shirt under a short-sleeved t-shirt, in case the weather gets cold.

Avoid tight clothing that restricts your range of motion: You will need your dress to be fitted, mainly so that it does not get in the way when skating. But if you wear something too tight, you won’t be able to bend and move the way you need to. For example, the jeans made famous by skaters in the ’90s were generally wide-legged. Now, the trend is to wear straight jeans that are not too tight. Either way is acceptable as long as you can move when using them.

Wear patterned t-shirts: Many of the skaters wear t-shirts with patterns. These help you reveal who you are in a way that is imposing, striking, and difficult to ignore. Again, you don’t need to choose a particular image to display on the shirt; it should just be something that feels appropriate to you.

Wear hoodies: Part of looking like a skater girl is wearing a hoodie. You can select any type you want, but be careful to use those hoodies that show logos of skater clothing brands to make you look more convincing.

Wear skate shoes: Skate shoes are shoes with flat soles that give your feet more contact with the board and give them more control. When you skate, wear skate shoes whenever you can, and wear at least a pair of flat shoes with comfortable soles. Look for flat and smooth shoes on the bottom, such as Converse or Vans shoes.

Skate Fashion is a Style with a Lot of Personalities

To be a skater, you must have a free spirit, be risky and like an adventure. And these are the exact features you need to look like one of them. Beyond sports, skate fashion is daring, audacious, and brave.

A skater, whether male or female, is always comfortable. This is the only way to do tricks on the skate without clothes getting in the way. He likes to be outside, roaming the streets or showing off his skills in a park, so he needs the protection a pair of goggles and hats can give him. And the shoes are resistant and flat to be able to hold onto the board.

Basic Garments of a Skater Girl Outfits

To start putting together your look, you have to know what the essential clothing of skaters is. We already mentioned that the main feature is that it is comfortable. It is also a pretty casual style. It may look a bit sloppy, but it’s not always. Those who wear this style also know what suits them and what does not.

The garments that cannot be missing from a skater’s wardrobe are:

Comfortable pants: The style depends on the taste of each person. Some prefer to wear shorts above the knees, so they do not interfere when doing tricks. Wide ones like baggy pants are one of the favorites to practice this sport. However, some feel more comfortable with skinny pants or leggings in the case of women.

Ideas to Dress Like a Chic Skater

It is possible to look sexy and feminine in this style. However, you need imagination and learn to combine clothes, so you don’t look like a tomboy if it’s not what you want. In the following Refinery29 video, you will see examples of how very chic female skaters dress.

You can’t miss wide sneakers to look the same as how men and women skaters dress. The soles have to be flat to have a better grip. Some brands specialize in this type of footwear; among the most recognized, we find DC and Vans shoes. These bands have in common that they started designing shoes but later expanded to other clothes that fit this style.

Dare with Athleisure

Athleisure is a modern fashion trend that consists of wearing sportswear in everyday situations. Among the keys to achieving this is combining a garment made for the gym with other, more casual ones. In the case of fashion for skaters, the fact of always wearing sneakers already achieves this style. But you can go beyond that. For example, you can combine a sports top and shorts (can be lyre or denim) with a knitted maxi dress.

Give the nod to Pastel Goth

The use of dark garments characterizes the gothic style. However, a trend is becoming increasingly popular, the pastel gothic, in which light colours predominate. You can take some clothes and adapt them to your skating style—swap platform shoes and boots for proper sneakers. Wear denim shorts with pantyhose underneath and a fitted t-shirt. This is a relatively simple alternative, but you can play with the clothes you have in your closet.

Dresses and Skirts of Skater Girl Outfits

Dresses and Skirts of Skater Girl Outfits

Who said that wearing dresses or skirts is not compatible with skateboarding? Show them otherwise with a lightweight fabric maxi skirt that moves while you’re on your skate. You can use a crop top for the top and expose some skin. You can also wear comfortable dresses to do your tricks on the skate. If this is your choice, remember that your clothing should not prevent you from skating or put you in damage.

Vests, Jackets, and Nightgowns

Some garments will give a very chic touch to your urban skate style. For example, you can wear an open nightgown, like a cardigan, over shorts with a top. You can also opt for long vests in light fabrics or knits. Baggy denim jackets are an excellent complement to jeans and a t-shirt or top. And bomber jackets are another classic of this style, along with hoodies.

Fitness Style

If you are one of the women who like the fitness look and want to combine it with skating, you can do it without problems. First, choose clothes that do not lose the essence of skateboarding. Baggy pants or joggers are indicated to mix both trends. Next, choose a more casual top and a fitted jacket for the upper part. You could also choose a bomber.


If you like urban fashion, you know that the skater’s style most represents you. Although it does not seem feminine at first glance, it is possible to wear it without looking like a man. With these ideas to dress like a chic skater from your store to buy sportswear online, you will be able to mix your love for skateboarding and fashion boldly.

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