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Patchwork Tattoos – Amazing, Designs, Ideas, and Styles

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Patchwork Tattoos

So many of us with patchwork tattoos have found that once we got our first piece, we immediately wanted another and another, and another. Perhaps, like mine, your first few were spread out on different body parts: I started on a calf, got one on the back of my neck, and jumped to a forearm. I thought that forearm tattoo might end up standing alone, but it wasn’t long before I started envisioning what pieces I might want surrounding it and travelling up my arm. Then, finally, it was bound to happen: I would begin to a tattoo sleeve.

What are Patchwork Tattoos?

Patchwork tattoos are small to medium-sized (sometimes significant) agreed and fitted, close to each other, but not poignant, to generate a type of “tattoo sleeve”. Conventionally a tattoo sleeve has no open space and is more likely to have a unified theme. In difference, patchwork tattoos can have a piece or be random. Below is an example of a jerrybuilt tattoo sleeve and a more old-style tattoo cover.

Excellent Patchwork Tattoos, Designs, And Thoughts

The idea of patchwork tattoos first came from quilting designs, where smaller pieces of fabric, often called patches, are sewn together. It’s the same concept for patchwork tattoos. However, unlike traditional tattoos, these involve separate images to cover a body part; these images do not have any fillers to connect them. In the new days, patchwork tattoos are growing in popularity in the body art world. This article has over 50 jerry-rigged tattoos, so you can easily design your next tattoo.

What Designs and Signal Styles are Good for Patchwork Tattoos?

What Designs and Signal Styles are Good for Patchwork Tattoos?

Traditionally makeshift tattoo covers are done in the lifestyle tattoo style. However, that existence said the beauty of patchwork tattoos is that they can be done in any manner. That makes jerry-rigged tattoos so great, you can get multiple tattoos with multiple styles and meanings, and they look awesomely arranged on your body.

I have seen many patchwork tattoo sleeves with colour and black and Gray, traditional and illustrative tattoos, and any tattoo combination you can imagine. They all have one thing in community. They look great and truly reflect the personality of the person who has them tattooed.

What’s the Best way to Start a Jerry-rigged Signal Sleeve?

Starting a jerry-rigged tattoo jacket is easy; you get a tattoo with some designs you love! That’s it. After adding a few in the places you want, best start filling in the extra space with tattoos that fit the space. Then, voilà! You have begun your patchwork tattoo sleeve. Plus, patchwork tattoos still look cool, regardless of how densely the tattoos crowd in. This means that while starting your tattoos, they will still look fabulous, like in the example below.

10 Cool Patchwork Tattoo Design Ideas

10 Cool Patchwork Tattoo Design Ideas

Consider patchwork tattoos if you want a versatile style that allows you to try out multiple designs. They are sole to the wearer and can be very meaningful, but they are also excellent for making a statement and receiving your body’s notice. They can be shapes big or small and do not have to carefully place together or join flawlessly. Instead, I have a space amid them, creating each project to stand out. This gives you versatility with where you home your imageries and allows you to syndicate several. Whether you cover your arms and legs with bold designs or keep a minimalistic approach, patchwork is a perfect choice.

1. Patchwork Sleeve Tattoos

Sleeve tattoos are creative and make a declaration. It is a countless way to share the things you love or are passionate about, and the patchwork style lets you effortlessly combine different images at various times instead of getting the entire sleeve project at once. This can be more reasonable and gives you more freedom with how and where to add your artwork.

2. Patchwork Half Sleeve Tattoos

Half-sleeve tattoos are an excellent alternative to a whole sleeve and offer more adaptability. You can easily shelter up your body art with sartorial or show it off when you poverty. Half sleeves are also more affordable. The patchwork style is excellent for those who want to add different images and techniques because they need to seamlessly combine.

3. Arm Patchwork Tattoos

Arm tattoos are incredibly versatile, giving you sufficient space for an extensive or detailed design but also ideal for something small and simple. The arm is careful low to moderate on the tattoo pain chart because of the thick skin, muscle, and fat, which deliver cushioning. You can effortlessly cover or show it off, making this an outstanding option for patchwork tattoos.

4. Quarter Sleeve Patchwork Tattoos

As the name suggests, a quarter sleeve tattoo covers only part of the arm. This is typically the shoulder and midway to the elbow. Concentrating the creation on a smaller section makes it easy to cover up. It will also be less painful and more reasonable. The patchwork style is excellent for those who prefer their images to stand out rather than blend.

5. Forearm Patchwork Tattoos

The forearm is another excellent site for your form of art. Forearm signals provide versatility, giving you enough space to get creative with the design and making it easy to show off. The discernibility is part of the appeal, and this is an excellent spot for meaningful tattoos.

6. Finger Patchwork Tattoos

Finger tattoos are edgy and cool. They are often small and humble projects because of the lack of space, but you can combine several to create a patchwork effect. Digit tattoos fade faster because of the frequency of use and exposure, but they are great for making a declaration; if you can endure the pain!

7. Leg Patchwork Tattoos

Leg tattoos are one of the most available placements for jerry-rigged tattoos because there is enough space to get creative. You can combine several images with telling a story or opt for something entirely mismatched and unique. The leg is careful moderate on the pain scale since of the thick skin, muscle, and fat that delivers cushioning.

8. Thigh Patchwork Tattoos

Thigh tattoos are sexy and understated. The thigh can effortlessly cover with clothing, making this a more intimate location for body art, which you can demonstrate on your footings. It is also large sufficient to allow for several tattoos, making it easy to create a stunning jerry-rigged effect.

9. Back Patchwork Tattoos

The patchwork style combines several signal designs and has spaces between each one. This differs from other techniques, which connect your artwork seamlessly to make a unified finish. Instead, patchwork signals are made to stand out, and the back is an outstanding location because it gives you the space to get creative. Back tattoos provide you with plenty of room to get creative.

10. Chest Patchwork Tattoos

Chest tattoos should reserve for expressive designs because it is one of the most painful places on the body to get inked. The general sense of the area, in addition to the thin skin and proximity to bone, makes chest tattoos high on the signal pain chart. But it is a great way to keep special ink close to your health at all times.


Patchwork tattoos, like quilting, are made of smaller combined to make one bigger idea. The diversity of tattoos masks their long history. Tattoo sleeves typically feature patchwork designs. Many covers are the result of the work of multiple artists using a variety of techniques and tools. Patchwork, like quilting, is made combined to make one bigger one.

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