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Liza Minnelli Healthy

This weekend, it was possible to see Liza Minnelli healthy in a wheelchair during the 2022 Oscar Awards ceremony. The actress suffers from encephalitis, a disease that inflames the brain and usually produces symptoms similar to cold ones. However, in more advanced cases, like Minnelli’s, she can cause confusion, seizures, and sensory or motor problems. This Sunday, March 27, during the presentation of the 2022 Oscar Awards, the actress Liza Minnelli, who suffers from encephalitis, presented the statuette to CODA, selected as Best Film.

Minelli appeared on stage in a wheelchair and with trembling hands, a product of his condition’s consequences.

What Happened to Liz?

The actress has battled addictions and illnesses and even began taking Valium, a powerful antidepressant, to cope with her mother’s death, Judy Garland. However, she became addicted to the drug shortly after use, and alcohol problems set in. Minnelli has also admitted that her addictions would be somewhat hereditary, although it is unknown whether it is due to substance abuse.

Around 2000, the actress suffered from viral encephalitis due to brain inflammation and even battled breast cancer, which took her to the operating room twice. She is in a wheelchair because her health has deteriorated due to encephalitis, preventing her from walking.

Liza Minnelli, her drug problems began after the death of her mother,  Judy Garland. Her death was a heavy blow for the Canadian artist. Therefore, her doctor prescribed  Valium, which should help her cope with her significant loss. What, at first, was just a treatment ended up being an addiction, which led her to abuse other substances. A spiral of alcohol and drugs destroyed her marriage with David Gest and Minnelli’s life.

Highlighted Achievements of Liza Minnelli

Highlighted Achievements of Liza Minnelli

The actress is recalled for her performance in “Cabaret”, released over 50 years ago, a performance that earned her an Oscar in 1973 and was considered a box-office hit.

Liza Minnelli recognizes in the world of cinema for her voice and for starring in musical comedies; being the recipient of three Broadway Tony Awards, she is also one of the few artists who has won four American awards, including film, television, music and theatre. : the Oscar, the Emmy, the Grammy and the Tony.

Although it is known that she has had several love failures, she has married four times, her last partner being David Gest, a concert promoter with whom she marry until 2003.

He also collaborated in the concert in tribute to Queen’s Freddie Mercury with the song “We Are The Champions”.

What is the Medical Situation of Liza Minnelli?

What is the Medical Situation of Liza Minnelli?

In health, the winner of the Oscar for Best Actress in 1973, Liza Minnelli, has not led an easy life. His youth mark by a solid addiction to drugs and alcohol, following the depression suffered from the tragic death of his mother, actress Judy Garland, who intoxicate with barbiturates. According to La Nation, at the beginning of the 2000s, Liza’s medical battles began with a diagnosis of encephalitis. This disease would gradually make her lose movements and sensitivity to stimuli such as light and sounds.

However, at 76 years old and after so many struggles, Liza continues to see herself as a woman of strength and charisma, who this year participated in the Oscars gala to deliver, along with Lady Gaga, the award for Best Movie, which won the production “Coda”, according to the Clarine portal.

“I Don’t Think My Problem is a Lack of Will”

Liza Minnelli was one of the first Hollywood stars to acknowledge that she had a drug and alcohol problem publicly. But, after so many years of addiction, what has she done that she still hasn’t come out of the hole? Her mother,  Judy Garland: “They tell me that stopping drinking is a matter of having the will. Look, I have three Tony Awards, an Oscar and three Golden Globes. It don’t think my problem is a lack of will,” he says. At 76 years old,  Liza Minnelli’s health is delicate. The Canadian artist was recently seen in a wheelchair having dinner with an old friend, actor George Hamilton. In addition to her addictions, Minnelli has had several health problems. It is that she has been overcoming, viral encephalitis to breast cancer. She has had to enter the operating room twice.


The net income of Liza Minnelli (69) in a detoxification canter has once again made the news a problem with which the veteran actress has been struggling since she was almost a teenager. Born in the bosom of the most golden Hollywood -daughter of actress Judy Garland and director Vincent Minnelli, she predestines to be famous even before she conceive-; Liza inherited her parents’ innate talent, both for singing and acting, but also the emotional instability that haunted them throughout their lives. To this add an addictive personality, tending to excess and living life, especially at night, without limits or conditions.

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